Heart’s Cry advocates for the orphaned and abandoned children of Panamá, thereby sharing the love of Jesus Christ and following the Biblical command in James 1:27 to care for orphans in their distress. Here are our 2 branches:

1. FAMILY SERVICES endeavors to make lasting change by improving adoption and foster care policies and procedures in Panama, and by operating a pro-bono adoption and foster care agency in Panama City.

2. CASA PROVIDENCIA is Panama's first special-needs orphanage and therapy center providing the best in therapies, education, health care and loving care to the neediest of children.

Photo of downtown Colon.
Casa Providencia is located
just outside of Colon City.

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The last shall be first.

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Come visit us in Panama!  COVID-19 has subsided to a point where traveling to Panama has become easy again. Panama still has some safety restrictions in place, but it has greatly loosened it's once strict quarantine guidelines.  Our partners at Rio Missions are all set with ultra clean and safe accommodations at their mission base. Contact us about scheduling a   

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Casa Providencia is Panama's first temporary home and therapy center for special-needs orphans. This facility offers the best therapy, nutrition, education, vocational  training, and medical attention available, while we work hard to find them adopting families. Please join us in providing hope for the special needs orphans of Panamá.

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Heart's Cry Family Services is an in-country adoption agency offering legal counsel, psychological assessments, social services, and educational training throughout the entire adoption or foster care process for Panamanians AT NO CHARGE. Family Services is also the branch of Heart's Cry that works with the Panamanian government creating policies and procedures to improve the country's adoption and foster care programs.