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Send a Team!

The best way to truly catch the vision of God's heart for the orphans of Panamá is to come and see for yourself. Heart's Cry Children's Ministry is fully equipped and experienced in hosting a wide variety of volunteer teams. We have partnered with other local ministries to ensure your visit to Panamá is productive and life-changing.  In addition to work teams aiding in the completion of Casa Providencia, we also host teams to perform activities and programs in other orphanages, and to help out with other ministry programs and needs.  You'll be exposed to the roots of Panamá's orphan problem, meet some fascinating people, and probably see a monkey and sloth along the way!


Host an Orphan Sunday!

Heart's Cry Children's Ministry will visit your church to share our experiences and God's heart for orphans in Panamá.  We will provide you with all the resources you need to prepare your congregation, and to mobilize them to action in your own local area, as well as in Panamá.


Psychology, Law, Social Work

With Heart's Cry Family Services, our local adoption and foster care agency, we have the unique ability to offer internships in Psychology, Law, and Social Work.  Please contact us and we will get back to you to discuss the options and details.

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