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Misty Hedspeth obtained her law degree from Campbell University School of Law in 2003.  While at Campbell, she also worked to earn her Masters of Business Administration as a joint degree.  Prior to this, Misty obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from North Carolina State University.  Upon passage of the North Carolina Bar, Misty worked for a prestigious firm in Raleigh, NC before founding Hedspeth Law Firm.  She practiced family law in Raleigh for five years, earning an excellent reputation in the courtroom and amongst peers.  An honest, hard-working trial lawyer, she fought to protect her clients rights and also to protect the rights of the children involved. During this time, Misty also worked briefly in the courtroom dealing with abused, neglected and abandoned children.  This enabled her to learn the inner workings of the foster care and social work system, which paved the way to assist Panamá in the same areas.  In 2007, Misty began to scale her family law practice down. At that time, she devoted her time and energy towards the year long process of assisting a local adoption agency with obtaining their accreditation to perform international adoptions under the Hague Treaty.  After this, Matt and Misty decided to assist this agency by beginning a program in Panamá, Central America, and they wanted to adopt through this program.  Never knowing what lie ahead, they embarked on the journey to simply sign up a local attorney in Panamá and then be finished.  God had other plans.  Upon learning of the extreme delays in the adoption system in Panamá, and the years that the orphans spend in orphanages, they started to see the calling that God had on their lives.  Misty is able to utilize the knowledge she learned pertaining to the Hague Treaty to assist Panamá with their adoption processes, while simultaneously creating efficiencies and thoroughness for the adoption and orphan care process.  Much of the work is focused on bringing hope and life to the children trapped in the orphanage system through the various programs HCCM has launched.

Matt Hedspeth obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from North Carolina State University. After working with a forest investment group, Matt went on to work at a construction equipment company.  Matt worked his way up to regional manager, overseeing multiple branch operations on the East Coast.  This is where Matt refined his managerial skills that are assisting the ministry today with coordinating available resources to be sent to critical need areas, motivating workers towards a combined goal, and maintaining financial responsibility.  After working for over three years in this area, Matt began his own real estate investment group with a business partner where they focused on large apartment complexes.  It was there that Matt gained valuable experience with managing development and building rehabilitation projects, while staying within city guidelines and budget parameters.  Matt is skilled in business and fund raising.  Matt also is extremely talented and creative musically.  The Lord has blessed him with the ability to play multiple instruments, sing and write music.  He is able to use these musical gifts with the children, bringing them much joy.  God is truly using Matt's music in a powerful way.  It is so exciting to see the children light up while with Matt, as they do not typically see men in the orphanages.  They are simply drawn to him.  Matt and Misty were married in 2002.  They love working together in this exciting ministry, where God has uniquely equipped them individually and as a team for this great work.

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