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maria'S STORY

At 9 years old, “María” was unable to sit up or hold her head up on her own and spent all day in a bed and was still being fed from a bottle. She was never given a wheelchair.  While she lived at another orphanage her seizures were out of control because her medication was not correct she had multiple episodes a day. As soon as Casa Providencia opened we were asked to receive her. Although she was two years over our age limit we could not say no to her because we knew she was not receiving the care, therapies or love she needed. Since being with us she has celebrated her very first birthday party at the age of 10. Complete with her very own princess gown and crown. She also now has her very own wheelchair which has helped her tremendously. We are able to provide her with proper nutrition, occupational, physical and early childhood development therapy daily and endless love and support. Her seizure medication is carefully monitored to ensure she has the quality of life she deserves. María is now able to chew her food, is at a healthy weight, and loves hugs and kisses…almost as much as she enjoys food and naps.

would you like to make a difference in margarita's life?

sponsor maria mothly

Your monthly gift will make a difference in the life of a child at Casa Providencia! Your support will help change their story forever and you will have the opportunity to personally show an abandoned child the love that Christ has for them while they are at Casa Providencia! You will aide in a child’s daily necessities and will provide for tangible needs such as therapies, medicine, medical equipment or possible life-changing medical procedures.


As a Sponsor, you will receive a Casa Kid Welcome Kit that will share more information about your child and their specific needs and ways you can regularly pray for them. You will also receive updates on your child’s growth, development, an opportunity for virtual hangouts (via FaceTime), and artwork from your Casa Kid.

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