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sally'S STORY

“Sally” was frequently left alone in her home by her mom and her boyfriend when she was only one year old. Concerned neighbors called the authorities after hearing Sally cry for hours. When the authorities found her, she was terrified and crying inconsolably while sitting in a dirty diaper and hungry. She was shortly removed from her house and brought to the nearest children’s home. She was so traumatized that she needed to be held constantly. When the children’s home realized she had special needs they asked us to receive her. After she came to Casa Providencia she adapted very quickly except when caregivers tried to place her in her crib, or sit her on a matt or in a stroller because of her fear of being alone. Now, she has learned to trust our caregivers and understands that being placed in a crib does not equate to being abandoned. Now she is thriving and smiles and plays and has started to enjoy sensory and occupational therapy that will help her reach her milestones. She loves to walk, play on the slides, dance, and have her picture taken!

would you like to make a difference in sally's life?

sponsor sally monthly

Your monthly gift will make a difference in the life of a child at Casa Providencia! Your support will help change their story forever and you will have the opportunity to personally show an abandoned child the love that Christ has for them while they are at Casa Providencia! You will aide in a child’s daily necessities and will provide for tangible needs such as therapies, medicine, medical equipment or possible life-changing medical procedures.


As a Sponsor, you will receive a Casa Kid Welcome Kit that will share more information about your child and their specific needs and ways you can regularly pray for them. You will also receive updates on your child’s growth, development, an opportunity for virtual hangouts (via FaceTime), and artwork from your Casa Kid.

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