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Meet our sweet Esther. Esther is the name we gave her because she didn’t have one. Esther’s mom found herself pregnant at a young age and vanished from the hospital after giving birth. Esther was not expected to live very long. Her brain was not formed properly during pregnancy due to a lack of adequate nutrition and prenatal care. She lived her first 4 months of life in a hospital because no other orphanage was equipped to care for her needs. Then we got the call!


Initially, Esther came to us for Palliative care. She was unable to hold down any nutrients. Since being in our care we have found a special formula for her that she can tolerate and she has started to gain weight and strength. She is showing more recognition of her caregivers with eye contact and is in physical and sensory therapy 5 days a week. Being carried and held by our nurses is her favorite. She is receiving all the love, care, and therapy that she can while she is with us. Every day is a gift of life!


Esther’s story is the core of what we do at Heart’s Cry. We care for the forgotten. We show them that they are a precious treasure to behold, made in the image of our Creator. Esther represents the Gospel. We are all Esther, who come into this world without a name and our Father gives us one! We have been graciously loved by our Heavenly Father despite what we lack. We hope that we can show her a small glimmer of the Father’s love for her while she is with us. We are all treasures in His eyes, made in His image and worthy of eternal hope and love. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring Esther!

would you like to make a difference in Esther's life?

Sponsor esther monthly

Your monthly gift will make a difference in the life of a child at Casa Providencia! Your support will help change their story forever and you will have the opportunity to personally show an abandoned child the love that Christ has for them while they are at Casa Providencia! You will aide in a child’s daily necessities and will provide for tangible needs such as therapies, medicine, medical equipment or possible life-changing medical procedures.


As a Sponsor, you will receive a Casa Kid Welcome Kit that will share more information about your child and their specific needs and ways you can regularly pray for them. You will also receive updates on your child’s growth, development, an opportunity for virtual hangouts (via FaceTime), and artwork from your Casa Kid..

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